dok-yuh-men-tuh-ree fam-uh-lee fuh-tog-ruh-fee



1. Your real life in photos

2. The heart of your family captured in images

3. An honest portrayal of every detail and feeling that makes up your family

4. The easiest (and most fun) way to document your family.

There are so many reasons to not do this.

And I’m brave enough to admit them:

It’s hard to make time for one.more.thing in your family calendar.

Your husband or partner is just not exactly thrilled about the idea of a photographer following you around all day.

You aren’t keen on being photographed right now.

Doing a mini-session with another photographer would be cheaper.

You’ll never get this time back.

Your kids will never be this little again. One day, they stop letting you pick them up. They don’t reach for your hand when they cross the street. And the worst one: they stop giving you kisses for no reason. (Good news: this means they also stop screaming in grocery stores.)

I’m certainly not the first person to tell you this. But I might be the only person who can help you remember it.


“Before the photo shoot, Sylvie described the intent and process of a documentary family photography session. Her thoughtful approach in our home put our whole family at ease, even our shy 2 year old daughter! It was seamless from the moment she arrived, to the last photo. Having Sylvie in our home all morning felt natural and easy. We had a great time as a family and felt that we could trust her with even our most vulnerable moments. The photos that came back were beautiful and true and a rare snapshot into all of the little moments that are so special to our young family. Moments that would have never been captured on film are now a beautiful keepsake for us to remember always. We love you Sylvie!”

- Francesca

I am obsessive meticulous about every detail

And I plead that you not be

I beg you … leave the clothes in the hamper and the toys on the floor. Don’t do the dishes, don’t scrub the bathrooms and don’t you dare tidy that picture-perfect fort the kids insisted on making before I arrive.

I wanna give it all to you: your messy magic, your stunning, lived-in home. Let’s preserve the real deal here, the life you’re actually living.

My attention to detail comes both during and in the aftermath of our shoot. I’ll notice every moment that a parent would want to remember. And then I’ll hand-edit your images with so much care. I will help you design the perfect album and I’ll even create prints in my studio to make sure they are the standard you deserve.

We’ll make sure the love we document is something you can hold in your hands.

“You want to do what? For how long?”



I’ll explain to you exactly how these sessions go and why they are actually way easier on you than traditional portrait sessions. I'll also send you a session guide to answer many of the questions I’ve heard from moms like you over the years. And I'm always here with any more questions you might have!


I sure do. Here’s how it works (and why):

We’ll hang out and enjoy your session (leave the directing and guidance to me!). You just enjoy the time with family. I promise it'll be fun!




You wonder if you could ever let a stranger into your home for hours, but those images have piqued your curiosity. You schedule a call with me to investigate.

You’ll fill out a questionnaire about your family so I can get to know you a bit better before the big day. I want to know exactly what you love about this season of your family’s life so we can preserve it in photos.

I deliver digital and printed pictures to you for you to treasure forever. I’ll help you decide on album design and sizes for the prints.


“I do so many tiny things each day that don’t feel meaningful as I do them. But Sylvie’s photos make me slow down and they add a layer of profundity to it all. It was a boost of confidence to see the joy and warmth in our home through her photos. It helped us see it and feel it.”

- Marlena

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