day in the life | sally + scott "The thought of having someone follow you around documenting your day seems a little crazy.  I thought our boys would either a) put on the "perfect boy" show or b) put on the "imperfect boy" version.  We were shocked when neither happened.  Having Sylvie in our home was so easy that she captured our everyday version.  The good and the bad.  The boys didn't seem to notice she was there as she floated from space to space documenting our life.  I couldn't wait to see the images she would capture because she caught as normal of day as we have. "Parenting three boys is hard and exhausting.  Fun but exhausting.  When the photos came, I thought we would see our family arguing.  I figured more stern looks and frustration and less joy.  Because honestly, it feels like that in the moment.  When the photos and slideshow came, I was amazed.  There were so many photos of us happy, smiling, and playing.  We were being parents.  Wiping tears and making lunch and yes, doing some discipline.  Was every photo a perfect family shot with joy oozing from it?  No, of course not.  That's not real.  But they were perfect because they captured the ups and downs in this life.  It made me realize that maybe we aren't that bad of parents after all.  Maybe we're actually pretty good at this job.  And that... that was worth it all." minneapolis family documentary photography session day in the life | jaci "Since the birth of my first babies, I've had photo shoots done 1-2 times per year. I can honestly say that when I look back at those photos, I only think about how little or different my kids look (and how much I don't remember). Although they are great pictures, they don't evoke any particular memories for me. "I can tell you that the photos I have from Sylvie's day with us are now some of my most treasured possessions. Not one picture I have comes close to the memories and feelings Sylvie captured in my home on a regular day. In the mundane, Sylvie found extraordinary moments that truly captured the spirit of my children, and the happiness in my home. I will never forget what life was like for me on this day, I have the stories through her pictures that will last a lifetime. Thank you so much, Sylvie!!" mendota heights minnesota family session day in the life | francesca + james "Before the photo shoot Sylvie described the intent and process of a documentary family photography session.  Her thoughtful approach in our home put our whole family at ease -- even our shy two year old daughter!  It was seamless from the moment she arrived to the last photo.  Having Sylvie in our home all morning felt natural and easy.  We had a great time as a family and felt that we could trust her with even our most vulnerable moments.  The photos that came back were beautiful and true and a rare snapshot into all of the little moments that are so special to our young family.  Moments that would have never been captured on film are now a beautiful keepsake for us to remember always.  We love you Sylvie!" minneapolis minnesota documentary day in the life family session day in the life | amy + jon "WOW.  I am so happy we did this and am now looking forward to an annual session!  I have always wanted to have this done, but my husband didn't exactly share my enthusiasm for a day of pictures!  I will say within 20 minutes of Sylvie being at home with us, he had relaxed and was excited about the little moments she was capturing.  He loved the video and all of our images and did end up telling me he was glad we had it done!  The photos I am most grateful for (and the ones that gave me happy tears) are those that captured the moments that never get "pictured:" the mundane, the in between, the REAL life!  Precious precious!" saint paul minnesota documentary family photography session day in the life | daneen "Sylvie made the session so comfortable and casual.  I was nervous at first because the condition of our house was less-than-ideal, but the photos that came out were stunning and had me forgetting about that very quickly!  My family's true essence was captured and I am so thankful to have these simple but important memories to keep for a lifetime.  A true value for something so priceless!" twin cities day in the life family session
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