DOT TO DOT | August

“I’ve tried to make our last full week of summer extra special. I’m keenly feeling time slip through my fingers – a series of lasts before school starts up on Monday. Our last lazy morning together, last picnic lunch, last afternoon of building tiny legos upstairs beside me as I work. Things I love about my time with you. Today it was pouring rain so we went rock climbing. You took to it right away, climbing up the wall a few holds before coming back down. Doing this again and again until you had the holds memorized and could climb beyond the reach of my outstretched arms. It’s a metaphor for parenting, I guess. I release my grip on you a little more each day as you explore and learn about the world around you. Now my grip opens wide as I head back to full time work. I just hope that you eventually come back down to me.”

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Sylvie Grahan is a documentary family photographer located in the Twin Cities, Minnesota.  Her passion is documenting real life and the little things — because she believes that one day they will be the most important things.  She lives with her family in Minneapolis: a husband who becomes twitchy without a daily run, a four year old who prefers to speak at ear-shattering volumes, an 18 month old often chants “I do I do I do,” and a lab mix whose favorite pastime is equally split between cleaning up the floors after dinner and barking at the mailman.  Follow her on Instagram @sylviegrahan to see more of her recent work.  If you’re looking for a photographer in Minnesota to document your family’s story, please contact her for a session!


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