365: Early Favorites

Since I’ve been fortunate enough to have a year off from work to be home with my little guys, I’ve dedicated this year to my photography.  I committed to a 365 project (a photo a day for a year) starting in October.  I’ve gone through my early shots and am posting some of my favorites here.  It’s been a fun challenge to try to document and capture the little moments and idiosyncrasies that make up our lives.  I plan to update this blog monthly, but will also be posting more regularly on Instagram here (if you’d like to follow along!).

151022-early favorites-2

151022-early favorites-3

151022-early favorites

151031-early favorites-2

151031-early favorites

151101-early favorites

151102-early favorites

151104-early favorites

151105-early favorites-2

151105-early favorites-3

151105-early favorites

151106-early favorites

151107-early favorites

151110-early favorites

151114-early favorites

151115-early favorites

151118-early favorites

151119-early favorites

151120-early favorites

151121-early favorites

151123-early favorites-2

151123-early favorites

151127-early favorites

151203-early favorites-2

151203-early favorites

151205-early favorites

151206-early favorites

151210-early favorites

151211-early favorites

151213-early favorites

151215-early favorites

151216-early favorites-2

151216-early favorites-3

151216-early favorites

151217-early favorites

151221-early favorites

151222-early favorites

151224-early favorites

151225-early favorites

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