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Parenting two young kids is hard enough on a good day.  Try doing it as a newly solo parent and a brand new job with demanding hours.

Valor handles it all with grace.

We set out to document this new start in their lives with a relaxed Saturday morning.  Pancakes, a bike ride, jumping, books, violin, dancing to Peter and the Wolf, lots of coffee, and even more jumping.  The simple stuff.

Despite all the changes, when her children look back on these images years from now they’ll see how much love filled their home.

Want to learn more about a day in the life session for your family?  I’d love to chat about what you’d like documented!  Shoot me an email with questions or to get the ball rolling!

Sylvie Grahan is a documentary family photographer located in the Twin Cities, Minnesota.  Her passion is documenting real life and the little things — because she believes that one day they will be the most important things.  She lives with her family in Minneapolis: a husband who becomes twitchy without a daily run, a four year old who prefers to speak at ear-shattering volumes, an 18 month old often chants “I do I do I do,” and two lab mixes whose favorite pastime is equally split between cleaning up the floors after dinner and barking at the mailman.  Follow her on Instagram @sylviegrahan or head over to her Facebook page to see more of her recent work.  If you’re looking for a photographer in Minnesota to document your family’s story, please contact her for a session!

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