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Sarah and Tim have four amazing children.  Today they celebrated Ben’s 6th birthday.  It was like any other birthday — donuts for breakfast, stories about the birthday boy, a dinosaur cake with candles, singing, lots of playing and family time.

But Benny is not like any other child.  He died when he was only 7 days old.

The pregnancy was normal. The delivery was normal. Then Ben emerged without breath. Rushed to the hospital, he spent 7 days in intensive care. On his last day, friends and family gathered to celebrate his life. The life support removed, Sarah and Tim held their little one tight for 20 hours. He was surrounded by love during his short life.

And he still is. Looking through his pictures, telling stories, trying on his birth hat, in the sailboats throughout the house, and even the sticker on their car.  In a house so full of love, Benny is treasured.

A life lived is never lost.  Benny is still a living memory for the Dallums.

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Sylvie Grahan is a documentary family photographer located in the Twin Cities, Minnesota.  Her passion is documenting real life and the little things — because she believes that one day they will be the most important things.  She lives with her family in Minneapolis: a husband who becomes twitchy without a daily run, a four year old who prefers to speak at ear-shattering volumes, an 18 month old often chants “I do I do I do,” and two lab mixes whose favorite pastime is equally split between cleaning up the floors after dinner and barking at the mailman.  Follow her on Instagram @sylviegrahan to see more of her recent work.  If you’re looking for a photographer in Minnesota to document your family’s story, please contact her for a session!

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