I had an epiphany over cereal one morning

(See? It’s the most average moments that mean the most.)

“Yook, Papa, yoooook!”

My son was two and a half years old and he had been on an Outside magazine kick for months. Every morning, he would sit with my husband and page through it, his excitement for kayaks as animated on day 99 as it was on day 1.

I grabbed my camera, documented this unspeakably adorable tradition, and went back to my Cheerios. By the time I edited them two weeks later, my son stopped reaching for that magazine. This tiny little tradition vanished as quickly as it began.

I became obsessed with the realness of it all. I wanted to wrestle time to the ground and make it stop (and I’m sure you do too). But I couldn’t, so I documented it instead.

I photographed our life for future me, when I forget what this feels like.

And I captured our life for my kids, so they can know it happened at all.

And now? I wanna document this for you and your family.

From the my family’s first day in the life in 2016… these little humans are now 9 and 6 and there’s now a third maniac in the mix!


“My family’s true essence was captured.

Sylvie made the session so comfortable and casual. I was nervous at first because the condition of our house was less-than-ideal, but the photos that came out were stunning and had me forgetting about that very quickly! I'm so thankful to have these simple but important memories to keep for a lifetime a true value for something so priceless!”

- Daneen

Do you ever wake up and realize:

“Holy crap! I’m in charge.”

And it hit me—this is all I can control about my life. The love and the memories. I’m in charge of keeping both alive. I document how we live and love so my kids have proof when they are my age. My dad getting sick reminded me of why I do this work and why I’m so passionate about doing it for you. This isn’t just a photo session: it’s all we’ll have left eventually.

I’ve been feeling that a lot lately. Busy taking care of my little ones and also worrying about my parents as they grow older. I feel the weight of it, and I’m realizing how little I actually control.

My dad got a scary cancer diagnosis in 2021. Stage 4. It’s not the one you wanna get. And honestly? It rocked my world. I did what I always do: go back to the memories. I sorted through hundreds of photos from my childhood the week of the diagnosis, but there wasn’t a single one that depicted how it felt to be loved by him.


I don’t believe in bragging, but in case this is important to you …

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