You know how it feels to love your kids.

I want to show you what it looks like.

There are one hundred moments that happen in your home before breakfast that are worthy of remembering.

The oatmeal-making and the sleepy snuggles. Feeding the dog and sweet good morning kisses. It might just be your daily routine, but every single moment is soaked with love.

Do you have a photo of this? One you can hold in your hands as proof of that love?

Have you ever seen what you feel?

I want to give you photos of your “right now” life.


“I cried when I saw the photos.

I’ve only felt my life like this, I’ve never seen it.

It was an incredible experience to see the life we’re living.”

“Keep the joy, lower the volume."

- Me, every day, to my kids

I’m Sylvie, documentary family photographer, former Montessori teacher, and very-tired-but-happy mom of three wild things (read: boys).

I walk around every day with a heavy but healthy understanding that time doesn’t wait for us. And that the days I’m living right now (even the hardest ones) add up to the life I meant to live all along. It’s full of love and learning and unlimited access to my kids. It’s flying by and I’m doing everything I can to remember it.

I wanna help you remember your life too.



What if I told you...

… that mundane is a myth?

... that this moment right now would be the one you’d want to be able to hold onto forever?

... that your kids want to see their mother in photos. And that they think she's the most beautiful person in the world.

... that those beautiful pictures of you smiling at the camera for your holiday card wouldn’t hold weight or significance in 10, 20, or 50 years?

... that your beautiful, perfect kids need something physical to remember their beautiful, perfect life?

What if you believed me?


“I don’t have words for the photos, but I do have feelings...

... Sylvie’s able to capture the spirit in which we live our lives. She gets the essence and she’s able to capture the joy in which we live. She is so unassuming and comes with no pretenses. She has such an easy presence that is not intimidating at all. When I look at the photos, even the crying tantrums … that’s the real life here. There’s just so much curiosity in her work. It’s an art, but not one that she has manufactured. It’s our life.”

- Amy

The awareness comes suddenly and lands firmly,

like a weight on your chest.

One day, you’re underslept, drowning in diapers. And the next, you’re helping them with their homework.

Time stops when you have babies. The world seems to spin faster and slower somehow. But you come out of that blissful baby fog and you realize how much has happened.

As the awareness of time comes back, you also realize you want to remember all of this. And with more than just photos of the kids on your iPhone.

Let me help you remember.

When did my kids get so … big?


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What do you want to preserve about this moment in your life?

What memories do you want your kids to have two decades from now?

let's talk

“The photos I have from Sylvie’s day with us are some of my most treasured possessions …

… not one picture I have taken comes close to the memories and feelings Sylvie captured in our home on a regular day. In the mundane, Sylvie found extraordinary moments that truly captured the spirit of my children, and the happiness in our home. Now I will never forget what life was like for us in this season, because we have stories through her pictures that will last a lifetime.”

- Jaci

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